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'Hundreds of guests online, but what about the tills?'

client case: the Blauwe Theehuis Amsterdam

Live streaming DJ sessions, hundreds of visitors who want to Facebook, Tweet and WhatsApp and the POS systems must keep running. The Blauwe Theehuis Amsterdam needs to be prepared.

The Challenge

The Blauwe Theehuis in the Amsterdam Vondelpark is traditionally a busy catering location with a large terrace. Of course all guests wish to use the free Wi-Fi network and all POS systems (wired and wireless) must continue to work during peak hours.

Also during events, when live streaming is provided, critical process must remain functional. The critical processes in the Blauwe Theehuis include pin terminals, POS systems, office computers and music machines. These must be available at all times in order to serve customers. In addition, there needs to be a strong Wi-Fi network that provides a stable signal both inside and outside.

A managed network solution

The Solution

How do you ensure that your visitors, but above all yourself as catering owner, remain satisfied? microDOT supplied the services microFI and microNET.

By deploying a microNET USG, separate VLANs are created on separate subnets. This means that critical business processes are separated from the network that customers use, significantly increasing security and stability. The Blauwe Theehuis can also determine how much bandwidth is made available to its guests.

With the placement of some microFI access points a stable, secure guest network is created. A network that can also operate the entire terrace via an outdoor access point.

With the microFI ‘guest control’ function, after accepting the license agreement of the Wi-Fi network, guests are redirected to the website of the Blue Teahouse, where simple daily specials or events can be promoted.

Better security, a more stable network and a new promotional channel brings the Blauwe Theehuis into the future.

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