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We offer networking and physical security services tailored for each location. From a simple connection between two devices to fully integrated networks with multiple computers, appliances and electronics. From video surveillance to intrusion and disaster detection. In theory, the number of connections we can offer is limitless. This may involve wired networks, wireless networks (Wi-Fi), cameras, recorders, alarm panels, intrusion detectors or a combinations of various equipment parts. microDOT works with high quality hardware and installs, configures and integrates it with your existing systems.

Met MicroFI heeft u een perfecte Wifi-verbinding voor uw bedrijf

microFI wireless networks

With a microFI wireless service you can take control of the wireless signal in your premises and provide fast, strong and stable connections. You can run multiple secure Wi-Fi signals over a single Wi-Fi access point. You can group Wi-Fi clients into users and guests and limit guest connection speeds or redirect visitors to your website or promotional portal. Additionally, both your network and user security are enforced and guaranteed.

microPAGE add-on

Our service microFI can be expanded with a mini-website that allows you to inform your Wi-Fi users about offers, news, daily specials, concerts, your menu or anything else you wish to promote to your guests. After logging in to the Wi-Fi portal your guests will be redirected to the page and see your message directly.

Microdot Systems biedt professionele netwerkdienst voor de zakelijke markt.

microNET managed networks

A microNET managed network allows you to create multiple (virtual) networks over a single physical infrastructure. This offers a simple solution when it comes to connecting and securely isolating multiple devices with different functions (Wi-Fi access points, office computers, POS equipment, surveillance systems, etc.). A microNET network supports sharing internet connections, data and information. It also allows for internet-based applications like remote access, while providing security against external threats.

VoIP Telefonie

microPHONE VoIP telephony

Voice over IP telephony is the new business calling. With VoIP you call over your Internet connection. In addition, you pay per second not per minute. Thus you save on call costs in your organization. With our service microPHONE we digitize your telephony exchange. Besides savings, microPHONE provides many other advantages such as real-time insight into the usage of your organization, mobile calls via your fixed VoIP line and flexible forwarding to mobile and fixed lines. Interested? See more benefits on our microPHONE page.

Beveilig uw bedrijfsruimte via internet

microCAM online video surveillance

With our service microCAM you can keep an eye on your facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the handy app or via your computer, you can easily log on to your camera system. Recorded footage is stored for weeks and can be played back at any time and from anywhere.

Beveiligingssysteem op afstand

microLARM online alarm systems

Our service microLARM allows you to remotely manage your alarm system. Via your computer or handy mobile app you can check, arm or disarm your intrusion and disaster detection system. microLARM notifies and/or calls you when an alarm event happens or it can be connected to an emergency room or monitoring station service.

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